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It is not a shame to ask for help!

We can overcome many things ourselves sure, but sometimes is beneficial to ask someone who already past the obstacles you are facing. I had a great chance to speak to the mighty Encanti from Zebbler Encanti Experience duo and it was perspective changing experience indeed. It set level of my production to whole new level & understanding.

You can get the goodies in Freebie section for you to use in any way you might desire ;)

Love, ZloBott


Zlo_Bott_ in Da Studio

Time flies fast, especially in these uncertain times when you worry if you loved ones are okay, if you will manage to get enough money to pay your bills, to not get more mad being locked in your house for ever so long etc..But all this what's happening is also opportunity to explore new ways how to improve and grove as a person/ artist and so I expanded in different fields of electronic art but the time feels right now to get back to studio and work on some new material.Get excited for some sounds of nature, glitch, bass and broken beats ;)

Stay tuned - more info coming soon 🤖

with sound,


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