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ZloBott is not your usual hit chart song artist

and it never meant to be!


It all started with one simple reason - I couldn't find music similar to what I could hear resonating in my head. So one might say that I didn't really have an option but to find a way how to express what I hear. So I did.

Soon after exploration of Garageband I knew that article I read somewhere stating that -you don't really need to know anything about music to make music- wasn't valid.

Well, you can but what is it you making? Assembling sample loops with synth presets like a game of Tetris...

In my world that's not what I call ,,to express myself,,

Youtube wasn't enough of resource material for my education and so I signed up with Point Blank Music school... And it was great! Now I have so much more freedom and ways to express myself from sound design to sampling things from my surroundings..Getting in touch with mighty Encanti just put a whole new perspective on how to approach making music.



Every track is a journey and I will be very happy if You take that journey with me!



"WILD Flume remix! I like your take on it. Very creative!"


- NOMAD Signal -

"Some really cool ideas on your remix of rushing back, such vibes! "


- Boulevarde -

"Awesome d&b fill loving that fat change in the track"


- Loz Millot -


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